Spring clean your Salesforce org:

Performing a Salesforce Health Check

Breathe new life into your Salesforce org this spring with a comprehensive health check.


How to perform a Salesforce Health Check.

Ready to shake off the winter blues and breathe new life into your Salesforce org this spring?

Salesforce Admins and Architects face mounting pressure to keep their orgs running smoothly while adapting to evolving business needs. From managing technical debt, to ensuring data security, and driving user adoption, the demands can often feel overwhelming.

That’s why this spring, we’re helping you hit the refresh button, so you can start the season with a healthy, thriving org. Think of it as spring cleaning for your Salesforce.

The best part? You’ll learn how to reduce weeks of work into ~2 minutes using our machine learning-driven platform.

    The details:

    Watch our live 30-minute workshop, as we guide you through the process of conducting a comprehensive health check for your Salesforce org, helping you uncover hidden inefficiencies, mitigate risks, and optimize your org for success.


      What you'll learn:

      • How to conduct a comprehensive Salesforce Health Check to gain holistic insights into your org's current state and complexity.
      • Strategies to track progress and monitor health trends over time, enabling proactive management and risk mitigation.
      • Methods for assessing and optimizing Salesforce usage, auditing licenses, and identifying areas for strategic improvement.
      • Best practices for assessing security risks, remediation, and compliance measures to safeguard your Salesforce environment.

      Meet the speaker

      Mike Bogan

      Michael Bogan

      PhD, Director of Product Strategy at Hubbl Diagnostics

      Michael Bogan is an entrepreneurial scientist and inventor who pursues innovation acceleration via the application of cloud technology. Currently Director of Product Strategy at Hubbl Diagnostics, Mike has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for >11 years and has worked with over 500 Salesforce orgs.

      Come prepared.

      To make the most of the demo, we recommend scanning your org using Hubbl Diagnostics, a free org intelligence tool, prior to attending. This will allow you to work with your data in real-time during the workshop, enabling a personalized and actionable security roadmap for your org. 

      scan your org