Optimizing your Salesforce org

7 critical insights for high-performing Salesforce teams

Get exclusive insights and expert tips from our 2023 Benchmark Report on Salesforce Optimization.

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Optimizing your Salesforce org has never been more important. As organizations shift their focus from hyper-growth to long-term sustainability and risk reduction, Salesforce managers, architects, admins and consultants are tasked with doing more with less.

“In 2023, the health of your Salesforce org is one of the most accurate indicators of your organization's ability to meet business objectives.”

Join our Salesforce experts as they break down the 7 most critical org optimization insights in 2023 and their top recommendations to help you improve platform performance, drive user adoption, and meet growing business demands.

What you'll learn:

  • The seven most critical org insights for high-performing Salesforce teams

  • Top optimization recommendations you should be prioritizing this year

  • How to identify your org’s data and security risks in minutes

  • Where your org health stands compared to the ecosystem

How is this data collecteD?

Our analysis and recommendations are based on the aggregated data from hundreds of Salesforce orgs across the entire ecosystem.

Meet the speakers

Mike Bogan

Michael Bogan

PhD, Director of Product Strategy at Hubbl Diagnostics

Michael Bogan is an entrepreneurial scientist and inventor who pursues innovation acceleration via the application of cloud technology. Currently Director of Product Strategy at Hubbl Diagnostics, Mike was the primary contributor for the 2022 and 2023 Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark, Report.

Hubbl Diagnostics
Susannah Kate Plaisted

Susannah Kate Plaisted

Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations at Salesforce

Susannah Plaisted is an Architect Evangelist at Salesforce. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring Architects and ensuring they have the tools and skills they need to build better solutions. Susannah believes that everyone should have access to the resources they need to become as technical as they want to be.

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Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report on Salesforce Optimization 2023

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All 7 key insights discussed in the webinar come from our 2023 Benchmark Report on Salesforce Optimization.

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