Explore the seven most critical org optimization insights for Salesforce teams.

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In 2023, every Salesforce Admin, Architect, product owner, and partner are looking for the fastest path to optimization—of resources, of processes, and of technology.

2023 benchmark report on salesforce optimization

Optimize your Salesforce org with our data-backed insights collected from analyzing the aggregated metadata from the Salesforce ecosystem.

Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report on Salesforce Optimization 2023
How healthy is your org?

Are you following Salesforce Well-Architected best practices?

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Is your data secure?

Is your Salesforce org exposed to potential data breaches or security risks?

How agile is your team?

How confident are you in the architecture of your org and its ability to support business needs?

How does your Salesforce org stack up against ecosystem benchmarks?

infographic: The average org has around 2000 custom security issues
infographic: 99% of Salesforce orgs have out-of-date installed packages
infographic: 47% of standard objects with records have multiple automation types
infographic: The average org has only 14% of its declarative automation in Flow
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What's behind the data?

The Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report draws data and analysis from the aggregated metadata scan results collected from hundreds of Salesforce orgs.

The insights and recommendations found within our product and this report are aligned with Salesforce’s Well-Architected framework.

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"Brand loyalty is based on trust. The health of your Salesforce org is crucial to enhancing the constituent experience and protecting their data. Ineffective and vulnerable orgs can erode constituent confidence, decreasing committed supporters. Ensuring a healthy and efficient org demonstrates respect for constituent time and data, strengthening relationships and increasing revenue and impact."

—John Vega

nonprofit portfolio delivery lead, huron consulting group